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Can anybody tell me, how to make the pickandplace robot to wait at station, until the process time is done? 


Thank you in advance!


Re: PickAndPlace

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I assume that you want the robot to go to the station before the part is done because otherwise, that would simply be the standard behavior - picking a part after processing.


What you can do now depends on whether you want to actually take the part away afterwards or not.

If not, then the PickAndPlace is not actually used what it was built for, but there is a nice example dealing with that problem. Look at the following thread:

If the robot is supposed to take it away afterwards, I think you can prematurely let it go to a station without taking the part away. The method for that is setDestination which wants the MU to (later) pick up and a second parameter that specifies whether the robot shall wait.

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Re: PickAndPlace

Thank you for your reply. I had to give more details for the case probably. 

So first, the robot should pick a part and place it in assembly station, where it has to wait 2 min. After that, the part is disasembled so the robot should take the main part (it plays a role of a JIG) and the other part is taken by another robot. The first robot should place the JIG on the start position for filling again and take another JIG from position 2 on the start (so basically i have 2 jigs) on 2 stations. 

Re: PickAndPlace

I succeeded to make it as I want, but now when it bring the JIG at the start station for filling, the robot just stops and the simulation cannot continue. I am sorry if my questions are silly, but I am new at the program.

Re: PickAndPlace


Sorry, but what is your question ?


I suppose, how to get your model running.


The most efficient way to solve this issue would be, to provide your model ( or extracted parts)


than describing the problem in words.


Re: PickAndPlace

I am sorry i was not that clear, but this will be a model of future assembly line in our production. Anyway i solved the problem after little searching in the forum. Thank you for your effort to help me!