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Placing MUs on the line

Hello I have next problem with this. I have a line conveyor (30 metres), and 12 Packing stations on the both sides of the line. I am solving problem with: placing the MUs on the line, after the packing in the station is finished. The problem is situated in fact, that the line is permanently occupated by MUs (placed from the statinons) in the direction of the motion, so the last packing station (at the end of the line) has small "placing space" for MU.

And my question is: How can I simulate the maximum amount of the Packing stations for the Line conveyor.
I know: speed of the Line, length, and packing time of each station, and dimensions of the MUs (3 types of MU).

It's very interesting problem, and I need to solve it. I have an idea, which is unrelated with the simulation. Calculate the transporting capacity (amount the MUs per hour) the line with little space betwen MUs (due to sensors ) and the processing capacity of packing stations -> and compare it -> the transporting capacity of the line must be bigger.

But it is only my idea. What is yours? And How can it simulate in PS?

Thank you my friends for your answering. I appreciate it very much!


Re: Placing MUs on the line



Here's a sample attached.

In short:

  1. Lists of products and packing times are defined in tables
  2. Number of packing stations is defined in NumStations variable
  3. Method BuildModel is called from Init and used to automatically create specified number of packing places
  4. ExperimentManager is used to run a set of experiments (I used Line.Speed and NumStations as input parameters)

I don't know which version do you use, so build a model in version 12.

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: Placing MUs on the line

Thank you for your response. But in your model there is a problem which I described on the top:
For example I'm going to demonstrate 5 stations. If 4 MUs are placed on the Line (from stat. 1-4) and station number 5 (the last one at the end) is going to placed the MU -> It has small chance to put the MU on the line, because there maybe is small space to put there. If there is small space -> It causes block station, and then is station blocked for the rest of the experiment.


I need to wait, until there will be enough space to put the MU on the line (length of MU + little space on each sides).


I hope you understand what I'm trying to describe and I'm sorry for my english.

Re: Placing MUs on the line

That's an interesting problem.

What you say is true, but a workaround is the following method:




while  @.move (Line, ?.PackPosition) = false loop



of course the wait argument must be as small as possible.

Accepted by topic author Libor
‎01-25-2017 05:05 PM

Re: Placing MUs on the line

Agree. That's my fault, I did not test the model.


Okay, then another solution.

If to break line to several short lines - no need to use wait instruction.


I've used 

Waituntil ?.TargetLine.empty PRIO 1;
@.move (?.TargetLine, ?.TargetLine.Length/2);

 Please see attached model.

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: Placing MUs on the line

Nice and simple.. Thank you! Smiley Happy