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Plant Sim 14 - Web Server in Pack and Go?


Hello all.


In previous version of Plant Sim the web server was enabled automatically when the program was running and I have devloped a couple of different tools which rely on using the web server, all but 1 of which is for internal use only.


I have 1 tool which uses the web server and is intended to be ran from a Pack and Go model, but I cannot see any method of getting the web server to start during a Pack and Go, is there a way to do so or to start the web server post opening the program?




Betreff: Plant Sim 14 - Web Server in Pack and Go?

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Dear James,


Thanks for writing your observations and asking for clearance.


You are right, Plant Simulation does not start the WebServer automatically anymore.


This was changed because of security considerations, which caused some other changes introduced in version 14.0.

But the user still can start the WebServer "manually" by adding the start option "/WebServer" or "/WebServerSmiley TongueortNumber" to the commandline of Plant Simulation.


Pack'n'Go is conceptually something different, than Plant Simulation in common.


Pack'n'Go "distributions" are working with a Viewer License and were not ment to "import" or "export" data at all.
The WebServer was available in a Pack'n'Go "distribution", but more or less by mistake.


But … we'll take a look at this issue, taking your considerations into account!


Best regards,



Martin Lemburg

Siemens PLM Software
Digital Industry Division
Product Lifecycle Management
Manufacturing Engineering Software / R&D / Plant Simulation
Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Berlin / Germany

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