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Plant Sim Competition Analysis

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I would like to ask if there is a competition analysis to understand competitive advantages versus other simulation tools.


I have one but is from quite some years ago and I rather would like to update myself in this regards. Since I'm continually finding FlexSim, ProModel, Witness and AutoMod users/evaluations. Quest not so much anymore.


May I get some valuable information in this regards please!
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Betreff: Plant Sim Competition Analysis

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You can go through various papers from the WIntersim and other conferences.

Here are a few.

1. PLM Systems and tecnomatix plant simulation, a description of the environment..... by Milan Fil'ö, Jaromir Markovic, Marek Kliment and Peter Trevuna from the american journal of engineering 2013.

2. Journal article by Marta Rostkowska about choosing right simulation software 2014

3. 2009 WIntersim Sonference, Vasudevan et al, (Forgot the name of the paper)


This would be a good starting point. Hope it helps. Smiley Happy