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Plant Simulation Version 14.1 released!

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Hello Plant Simulation community,


Today we released Plant Simulation Version 14.1, again bringing many enhancements and new developments to the user’s simulation desktop.

When stepping through the What’s New chapter in the online help you will see more than 60 topics improving Plant Simulation related workflows and simulation capabilities.

Some of the version highlights are:

  • The new Gantt Chart -
    with modern look&feel, improved performance and seamlessly integrated to Plant Simulation
  • 3D object manipulators – for interactive object scaling and rotating
  • Additional autographic for food & beverage conveyor lines
  • Enhanced object alignment and snapping in 3D
  • Additional blocking statistic for conveyor lines
  • SimTalk literals for array variables: position := [3, 7, 0]


You can download the version from the Siemens PLM Software GTAC server.

If possible, have a look at and test the new Plant Simulation Version 14.1!

And: enjoy working with state-of-the-art simulation technology from
Siemens PLM Software!


Re: Plant Simulation Version 14.1 released!

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Solution Partner Legend

Finally, THANK YOU for the 3D Object Manipulators! I was going crazy creating 3D data from layouts with the very cumbersome method from before Smiley Happy