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Plant Simulation and Line Designer


Hello Community:


I am have Line Designer and Plant Simulation integrated to Teamcenter so I am trying to figure out how the information between Line Designer and Plant Sim works. The next slide was used in Plant Simulation Worldwide user conference but I still dont know how it work.



I have been able to exchange data between TC and Plant Sim but I have not been able to use for a example a layout created in Line Designer in Plant Simulation...


I would really apreciate if someone could explain what exctly can be done between Plant Sim and Line Designer and how this could be done?


I just have been able to import the information of a Collaboration Context into Plant Simulation using the PlantSimulationinterface into a table inside Plant Simulation.... but I dont see how a plant/working areas etc designed with line designer could be used in Plant Sim.


I would apreciate any help with this.


Thanks in advance




Re: Plant Simulation and Line Designer

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Basically, the scenario would generate a layout in NX Line designer. This layout is automatically stored in Teamcenter since NX Line Designer works based on Teamcenter. 

Now it you create a collaboration context (CC) in Teamcenter that contains this layout data, you can make it available to Plant Simulation via the application interface. 

Load that data - including 3D graphics, you have to tag this in the TC interface dialog in Plant Simulation - into Plant Simulation. This results in a table containing the data, and the .JT files in a local folder that is also defined in the TC interface dialog. The link between the two is the table, that contains the JT file names and location, and the transformation matrix (i.e. the location information) for the graphic. 

Here ends the OotB functionality. To generate a model out of this data is project work since the data structure and type may differ depending on the TC database configuration and work structure in NX.

Using a method, the simulation expert can now loop through the table, generate objects and load the 3D data to them. The "PlantSimClass" attribute allows to preset the simulation object type in the Line Designer class elements. 


  1. A simulation model generated like this would contain only layout data. The process data (times, workflows, ...), if not also planned in TC and integrated into the CC, must be filled into the model manually. 
  2. To realize animation on the Line Designer graphics without add. effort in Plant Simulation after loading the data, it is necessary to add special information to the class elements in Line Designer.


If you need support in realization, please contact your Siemens account manager or send me a private message with your data and I will connect you to our service team.