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Plant Simulation model version control


Hi All!


By way of a quick introduction, I'm a long-time user of Plant Sim, going back to the early 1990's when it was called SiMPLE++ and ran under SCO Unix. I'm currently using Plant Sim on behalf of a client, and I'm enjoying using it once more...


This post is not so much a problem that I need help solving as it is a request for a new feature. (But maybe I'm wrong? If there's already such a feature, please let me know. Incidentally, apologies if there's a better way of requesting new features - this is the only option that seems to be available.)


Here's the issue: I want to be able to use distributed version control systems, such as git, to assist with model development. It is possible to do this, right now, but there are a lot of limitations:

  1. Merges between different branches and/or repositories are impossible. This eliminates the possibility of using git to support collaborative model development, as well as preventing the use of branches to develop new model features (since the results cannot be merged back again).
  2. It's impossible to view the set of changes that took place between one version of a model and another.
  3. It's impossible to view who changed/implemented which parts of a model.
  4. etc.

These restrictions are due to the fact that Plant Simulation utilizes a binary file format to store model information.


So here's the feature request: would it be possible to export/import Plant Simulation models (as well as libraries and objects) to/from a text file format, one that supports the merging of models in systems such as git? Without mentioning any names, a lot of other simulation products already have this capability. ;-)

I'd welcome any thoughts on this. If anyone - particularly at Siemens - would like to correspond with me in more detail on this subject, you can reach me at


Best Regards,

Simulation engineers do it with models

Re: Plant Simulation model version control

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
1. Please look for "merge" in the help to merge and update models or branches of it.
2. Use File/Compare Models
3. Use File/Model Settings/Model Saving History


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!

Re: Plant Simulation model version control

Hi Eventdebugger!

Thanks for your reply!

I am aware of the model compare feature and the "merging" of frames, and they are both very useful tools.

However, so far as I'm aware, both must be done within Plant Sim itself. In other words, they don't help me with using git to manage versioning of Plant Sim models, and for performing merges of two related Plant Sim model files. (The point is to automate these activities, instead of performing them manually.)

So my question still stands.

Best Regards,

Simulation engineers do it with models