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Plant simulation Fluids warnings


Is there by any means possible to continue a simulation without warnings stating that the outflow from a full tank is less than the inflow?


It is quite annoying to have to manually do anything when there is still material in the tank and the inflow is zero. Even when pressing "No", the same question keeps popping up.


I have version 12. Is there any fix to this in a later version or patch?


Re: Plant simulation Fluids warnings

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi StefanK,


when the outflow of a full tank is less than the inflow the user must decide what should happen. Therefore the error message.

E.g. you can use an observer of "full" or in version 13 you can use a sensor and then close the entrance of the tank or increase the outflow or decrease the outflow of the predecessor tank.


Kind regards