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Plant simulation - Process simulate interaction

does anybody know if process simulate can interact someway with plant simulation?
If so, do you have practical examples which demonstrate the utility of this interaction?

My first thought is calculate the cycle time of a robot and pass it to plant simulation (using teamcenter), but maybe there are other possibilites.

Unfortunately at the moment I've never used Process Simulate, but I'm going to work with it in a couple of week.


Re: Plant simulation - Process simulate interaction

Hi Alessio,


The only integration between Process Simulate and Teamcenter is the simulation times (persons/robots actions/tasks in the simulation), which could be used be for what you stated.


As for integrating the two softwares together doesn't necessarily make sense since they are two separate softwares for two separate solutions. Process Simulate is used mostly for ergonomics and simulating very detailed tasks at workstations while Plant Simulation is used to analyze assembly processes and evaluate the full plant or even a section of a plant.


However, what you stated for processing times of workers/robots would be the only integration between the two since those are the only two similar features, but it might be easier to just enter in the processing times separately. I've never worked with the combination of the two with Teamcenter so it may be easier then I'm thinking.

Re: Plant simulation - Process simulate interaction

It makes sense.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Re: Plant simulation - Process simulate interaction

Hi Alessio,

Technically, you should be able to connect them, through OPC for instance. That way you could test a robot program in Process Simulate against some randomized input from Plant Simulation, to see if the robot program responds to it in a proper manner. But I do not yet see a valid case for it; I think it is enough to exchange the data (e.g. cycle times) in a disconnected form. Like mentioned before, Plant Simulation acts at a different level of detail and thus addresses different use cases than Process Simulate.


Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager