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Point Cloud optimization suggestions

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What is the best way to optimize the use of a point cloud? I'm currently sitting with a point cloud that is about 4GB in size, but Plant Simulation is having great difficulty rendering this in a fluid way. Is the point cloud rendering CPU bound? Can I make the rendering faster in any way?


Also, is there a setting to adjust the clipping/culling bias of the point cloud? It seems to disappear too easily when zooming out and rotating.


Thank you!


Re: Point Cloud optimization suggestions

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

On the Plant Simulation side, there is not much you can affect (regarding e.g. the clipping/culling bias).


But: Just guessing because what you describe sounds similar to another effect:

Could it be that you work with unusual large physical dimensions (several kilometers in size or so)? Here, I am talking about the model as a whole (object positions, objects sizes but also e.g. point cloud position)


If that is the case, it could be that you experienced the same effect I had in similar environments.

In that case it seems as if there is a clipping pane right in front of your eyes clipping away too much stuff that is close to the eyes/the camera/... .

If what I describe sounds about right regarding what you see, then I still do not have a(n immediate) solution for you but then this at least points to a common "problem maker" which would be OpenGL or the graphic adapter driver or something in the vicinity.


Apart from that, I have little experience with Point Clouds from the construction or manipulating side. We visualize them (using another tool, which is why the common problem maker above comes into play at all) and can do little else with them at the moment. 

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