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Portal Crane .moveHook(x) not displaying in 3D

Hi Forum


I've experienced  in multiple models (even the sample models) that when calling portal.movehook(x), the hook's position does not update in 3D.


Has anyone experienced this before as well?




Accepted by topic author HermiasH
‎09-21-2016 09:00 AM

Betreff: Portal Crane .moveHook(x) not displaying in 3D

Hello Hermias,


the hook does not move, if the value for the position is out of the range of the hook.

Therefore the method moveHook provides a result, showuing if the hook can be moved or not.

Please check this.





Betreff: Portal Crane .moveHook(x) not displaying in 3D

Thanks GG!

I updated the portal Method to have a check at each movehook command:
local check := portal.moveHook( 2 );

I saw that if you attempt to move a hook to the same height as the portal, it returns false and does not move.
If it is below the total height of the portal it works 100%.

If I however change to height of the runway to represent a crane working on beams in a ceiling and the portal height to 0, it does not work.

What I realised is that the height of the portal itself has to be more than 0 for the movehook(x) command to function properly.