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Power Roll Beds - Asynchronous and Synchronous Movement


Hello. We are new to Plant Simulation and are looking to use it for both simulation and emulation. We work with a lot of powered roll beds in vehicle production plants. Has anyone tackeled this in Plant Simulation? We are trying to come up with a strategy on how to implement this.


We currently use AutoMOD for our simulations and have a pretty good strategy for this by using two conveyor systems in the model. One that gives the correct visuals to show the customer and another that gives the correct travel and functionality in the model but is invisible during presentation. We've done the tutorial and watched all the demonstration videos, but all we've seen so far is dynamic system flowcharts. We usualy create models that encompass a complete system with actual travel distances and speeds and use an AutoCAD drawing to give us accurate locations of photoeyes and work stations. 


The only model that we've seen in Plant Simulation that does something similar to what we traditionally do is the Turbo-Charger Assembly example that is included in the Plant Simulation 13 install, and the model crashed when we ran it. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you.




Re: Power Roll Beds - Asynchronous and Synchronous Movement

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
the representation of a powered roll bed is the line in Plant Simulation. You can switch off the default (vector) graphics of the line to show a your graphic instead. Each line you can equip with sensors and controls.
You can drag your AutoCAD drawing to the background of your frame and it will be included as a background image. The frame itself uses a scaling factor to calculate distances on the frame (default: 0.05 --> 20px/meter)...

What are your problems in detail?

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist