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Preventive Maintenance




If there is preventive maintenance action, then the next corrective maintenance should be increased but both of them happen when they reach the respective time. I used generator to give the correction and preventive time. And the preventive maintenance time interval is optimised using GA tool based on the cost. Hence in the interval control, I made the other generator inactive and it will be active in the duration control. But in that case, the correction or prevention happens when the generator is active instead of the time given in the interval.


Hence my question is I use two generators to control the singleproc. If one generator works i.e if that generators interval control works, then the other generator should reset and start counting from beginning. What Should I do?


I have attached my model. So If somebody can help please let me know how to solve 


Re: Preventive Maintenance

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Hello Sandeep1,

the generators work independent from each other. You have to connect them in your controls. 

And they only work if you activate them after setting / changing the parameters. So, in your init, before setting the data insert " := FALSE", after the data settings " := TRUE". This starts the generator. Same with p. := FALSE
c.duration:=z_negexp(1,input[3,1]) := TRUE := FALSE
p.duration:=input[4,1] := TRUE

Do the same in the controls. So when c comes first, deactivate p (in the interval control of c). After c is finished, set the new data to p and activate it again (in the duration control of c).

Do the same for c in the p controls.


To see what happens use the EventDebugger in the Eventcontroller. Open it then use the SingleStep button and step along the events.