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Printing a simulation model


Dear all,


I am working on a large simulation model which uses a 1:1 scale drawing as background. To visualize logistic flows in the model, the Sankey Diagram and some graphs are used in this model as they provide very useful analysis tools.


What I would like to do is print or export this model with these graphs and the results which are visible from the Sankey Diagram in a format such that I can plot this on, for example, an A0-sized paper.


Using a print screen will result in a significant loss of detail. Also, the model is too large for Plant Simulation to be able to look at it on a single window. Zooming to 25% unfortunately is the lower limit of Plant Simulation's zooming capabilities which is not enough to show the entire model on my screen.


Is there a way to print a model as it is currently visible given a paper format? Also, is there a way to zoom out more?


I tried using the "General" tab -> "Print" function but you can't select any paper size there (always A4-format and not filling the page correctly). Maybe I'm missing something here?

For some reason, Tracks and TwoLaneTracks were also not visible on the printed file which is important in my model. When printing the large model, a weird graphical glitch also occurs on the resulting print (I printed to PDF). Unfortunately I cannot share my model due to do confidentiality reasons. 


Kind regards and thank you in advance,


Re: Printing a simulation model

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Seppe,

the paper formats to choose from depend on the printer you choose. With the "Microsoft Print to PDF" you can choose up to A3. Other printers like the free PDF-Exchange Printer allow also A0 and more. 

Do not zoom  the model view but set it to Original Size. The print funktion uses all the content of the network even if it is out of view.

I tested it in Plant Simulation 13 and you are right: Tracks are not printed with the standard settings. Please change the Line Color to something that is not White and it will be printed. 



Re: Printing a simulation model


Dear Ralph,


Thank you for your quick response. I was now able to work out how to print the model. For anyone else having a graphical glitch, it was in my case due to the grid still being displayed. All the small dots made the print unreadable, just turn the grid off when printing.


The printing works on the desired format. There is, however, the name of the frame which is being printed and a black frame around the model on the print. I could just cut this off the paper ofcourse, but it would be nice to only print the frame without this unnecessary information in this case, to fill the page as much as possible. Is there a way to turn this off? I wasn't able to find any information about this in the Help.


Thank you in advance,