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Problem "getPartData" in kanban buffer


 Hi community,


I built a model using items from kanban library in this frame I attached below. As you can see, I have designated max stock, min stock and suppliers for all the buffers (which I named supermarket) here. I also set entity type, portion, suppliers and the kanban sequence table for the kanban singleprocs. But it ends up encountering faults about "getPartData" as you can see in the screenshot. Can anyone please kindly help me debug it?


Thank you so much!kanban buffer problem.png


Betreff: Problem "getPartData" in kanban buffer

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Hello Alano,


In object Supermarket3 you defined Assembly2 as supplier for entity 'bin'. this is not possible. A supplier for a KanbanBuffer must be another KanbanBuffer or a KanbanSource.

So you have to modify the data of all supermarket.

The KanbanSingleproc should only be used in front of the drain of your model. This object is used to create the demand for the Kanban line. This object should not be used to simulate the processing of MUs. You can use the standard singleproc for this purpose.







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Betreff: Problem "getPartData" in kanban buffer


Hello GG,


Thank you for making things brighter for me. However, I wish to create 3 KanbanBuffers in my model (you can check the sketch in my picture, I can replace all the KanbanSingleProc except fot the one in front of the drain as you said), according to your explanation, I have to include 3 KanbanSources in it too? But that would be different from the system I want to simulate.


The system in my mind works like this:


The products from bulging will be stored in supermarket1, which is the supplier for punching_cutting. The products from punching_cutting will be stored in supermarket2, it is in turn the supplier for Jaw_reforming. Products from jaw_reforming is stored in supermarket3 and is taken by shipping.


Is there any way I can connect them all?


Thank you very much!kanban test.png