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Processing Problem

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I have a scenario here where in there are two Part varieties, stem and a cap. Two quantities of each part variety listed above keeps coming on the conveyor over a specified time length from the preceeding stations to a common station called Pin Pressing station. One quantity of cap and a stem gets assembled and checked and moves on to the succeeding station.The actual scenario in the shop floor is as follows:


1. Two parts of stem arrives at the pinpressing station by means of a conveyor.


2. These two parts of stem are picked by the worker simultaneously and Gun airs the two stems in one shot to remove dust particles.


3.These two stems are then deburred in one shot.


4.The two stems are again Gun aired.


5.Then the two stems are inspected together.


6.The worker then loads one stem on to the pin pressing station.After the processing of the first stem he unloads the first stem from the station and keeps it on the table (where he marks the part manually) and then loads the 2nd stem on to the station. During the processing of the 2nd stem , he performs marking operation on the first stem that was unloaded and kept on the table. After the processing of 2nd stem, he unloads it and performs the marking operation on the 2nd stem and place the two parts 1st and 2nd stems respectively aside on the table.


7. Now if there are another set of 2 stems on the conveyor, he has to unload the two parts of stem from the conveyor and he should perform the same set of operations as described above only after the completion of the operations of the first two parts (either cap or stem) which was unloaded from the conveyor before the arrival of the next two parts(either cap or stem).


8.Now suppose if there are two caps waiting instead of two stems, then the caps should also undergo the same set of operations as listed above except the inspection operation and the pinpressing operation.The caps are not inspected and pin pressed. 


9. The two caps undergo the first four set of operations in the similar manner as described above for the stem and after which one part of cap among the two parts of cap and one part of stem among the two parts of stem are assembled and checked.


10. Suppose if there are two caps and two stems available at the same time on the conveyor over the period of time, then all the four parts should be picked up from the conveyor and the above listed sequence of operations should take place based on the requirement.


The requirement is like if there are already two stems waiting for the caps to get assembled and checked  and at the same time if there are two parts of stem and two parts of cap available on the conveyor, the worker has to unload all the 4 parts from the conveyor and the worker decides to go with the processing of two caps rather than going with the processing of another two stems that was unloaded from the conveyor since the two stems which had already undegone the marking operation are waiting for the two caps to get assembled and checked.


I have modelled the scenario, but in my case the model is not working as per the scenario.I have attached it for your reference.Can anyone please help me sort out this.


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Re: Processing Problem

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Valued Contributor


Can anyone please help me out with a pull logic that can be used in the above mentioned scenario.Since i am new to plantsim, the model that i have attached is not working as per the scenario mentioned.


Kind Regards