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Processing Time across Shifts

Hi there,


I am modelling a simulation where parts have different processing times dependent on what shift they are running on (Days, Backs, Nights).


I am able to change the processing time for the processor when the shift changes, however I don't the simulation is working how I would like it to (see example):


Part A takes 60 minutes to complete on Shift 1 and 20 minutes to complete on Shift 2. If Part A is 50% complete by the end of Shift 1 (30mins processing time complete) then I would want the remaining time to process this part on Shift 2 to be 10mins (50% of a 20 minute cycle time). However I believe the simulation would continue to process the part on shift 2 for a further 30 minutes as if it was still on Shift 1, then go on to complete the next part in 20 minutes.


Has anyone came across this issue? Any way to solve this? Thank you for your help!


Kind Regards,




Re: Processing Time across Shifts

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I do not think it is possible to change the process time on a part, but I can be wrong. 


I guess one way is to calculate the processtime beforehand so it fits with that logic.

Let's use your example, it's Shift 1 and part A arrives 30 mins before Shift 2 starts. At this point you look at how much time it is left on Shift 1 (30 min). You will at the end of Shift 1 have processed 30/60 = 50% of the part. So 50% is left, 50% of 20 is 10 as you say.

Therefore the total process time = 30 + 10 = 40 min.


So at the arrival of Part A on Shift 1 30 min before Shift 2: set the process time to 40 min.

Re: Processing Time across Shifts

Thank you for the reply!


Your method would work however unfortunately I need this to be flexible due to potential Wait times on processes meaning that the time remaining will not be constant. I wish the RemainingProcTime attribute was not Read Only!


I may have to end up deleting the MU that is unfinished and generating a new one with a process time with the logic that you mentioned.


Re: Processing Time across Shifts

I have a solution to this that uses code to work out how much time would be remaining dependent on shift cycle time. It deletes the MU and replaces it with a new one, and temporarily changes the processing time of the processor till the part is complete, then reverts to standard shift time.


If anyone would like me to explain further or show an example, let me know.