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Pull with batches

Hi everyone, 


I have a question regarding a pull system I am using in my assignment. My model currently makes a single entity flow when the demand is trigerred and shown in the PullTable. But I would like to have the flow in batches. For example, I have added two variables for 2 entities and I would like to count them till let's say 5 and get the parts from their buffer in the batches of 5 when the demand for that part reaches 5. 


I will attach the sample model. Could you please give me an idea, how to approach it ? Because I was thinking of using one variable for all buffers and count them until 5 in a loop and let the loop be zero and move the parts. 


Hope to hear from anyone soon. 





Re: Pull with batches

I am not sure if "waituntil" command would work in this case ?