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Questions to Run Time Version


Hi all,


1.. I like to know what exactly is a run time version and how the user (non-programmer) will run the model.

Is the model opened similar to the development version? but the user can not make any software (SimTalk) changes.


I am used to work with the development version. I can create a standalone run version.

However this executable is unable to read/write external data from Excel.

This is the reason why it was recommended to me to purchase a run time version.


2.. Is this the right version to buy:

Plant Simulation Runtime Concurrent [TN75020C]

List Extended License: US$ 5,416.00, List Annual Maintenance: US$ 975.00  

Description:  The Plant Simulation Runtime License runs simulation models that have been created with any other license. With a Plant Simulation Runtime license you cannot insert any new object into the simulation model or program methods using the programming language SimTalk.  It includes the Assembly and the Shop application object library and the 3D Viewer.  You can enter/set objects parameters, start and stop the simulation, activate charts/plotter graphics and visualize the simulation in 3D.







Betreff: Questions to Run Time Version

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Siemens Phenom

Hello Marco,


the Pack&Go executable you are talking about is using the viewer license. This only allows to watch a model running, and look at some basic charts. It does not allow any modifications to the model. A viewer license does not need a license file or server. It is cost free.


The Runtime license [TN75020C] on the other hand allows the modification of data such as table contents, parameters and attributes. It supports any functionality a model can contain, with whatever license it was build. That includes also the interface package and other additional licenses. You can import and export data, run experiments and optimizations etc. It does not allow to build or structurally change models, like insert or move a station object.