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RemainingProcTime 01:00 regardless of ProcTime


Dear community,


once again, I have a problem puzzling me.

I assign a ProcTime on a ParallelProc by the Entrance Control (before action enabled).

Nevertheless, some MUs seem to be treated with a ProcTime of 01:00.00.

I checked the ProcTime of the ParallelProc and the RemPT of the MU directly after the Entrance Control, which produces the correct PT and a RemPT of -1.0. Additionally, I use an observer on all the statuus of the ParallelProc. Directly after entrance of the MU, the Proc stops waiting, and at that moment, the RemPT of the MU is 01:00.

Since the model is a rather complex one, I unfortunately can't upload it. There might be various aspects touching this problem. What I seek is to better understand the computation of the RemPT.


Can somebody explain to me what affects the RemPT? Or give me a hint, where I might find more information on that particular attribute?


As always, thanks an awful lot in advance,




Re: RemainingProcTime 01:00 regardless of ProcTime

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Tim,

by observing the states of the ParallelProc it is impossible to catch the event, when the RemainingProcTime will be changed. For instance there are 2 MU on the ParallelProc. The second processing time is contained in the first processing time. During the first processing time the ParallelProc is working.

But you can observe finished of the MU.