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Resetting a global table


PLM version used by me is twelve, i would appreciate solutions or pointers that correspond to the software being used. Anyway straight to my problem:


In PLM it is possible to create and forget locally created Tables, as both my findings in tests show and the documentation points out. I was hoping for a quick way to reset global tables but i haven't found anything better than looping through the table and assigning zero or void to single cells and this can be quite the cost intensive operation, depending on the table dimensions of course. Anyway has anyone a good idea or solution to this? Much appreciated.


Greetings, Pedru.


Betreff: Resetting a global table

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



You could try the "table.delete" option. It retains the Formats of the table as well as deletes the entries in the table. Hope this helps.