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Robot gripper model

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
How do i model a pick and place object with two grippers. The scenario of the pick and place object flow is as follows
Station Sequence:
1.Load station.
2. Station 2.
3. Station 3.
4. Station 4.
5.Unload station.
The pick and place object with two gripper named as RH and LH moves in the sequence from station to station as listed above from 1 through 5.
The flow  of the pick and place object Grippers(L/H and R/H) from station to station is listed in a sequence below from 1 through 6 and takes place as follows:
Note: S/F stands for Semi-Finished
Gripper    Load Station          Station 2                                   Station 3                             Station-4                                                                                                                
LH       1. Pick(new part)   3.Drop(New part in STN-2)  4. Pick( S/F Part from STN-3)   6.Hold S/F part from Stn3                 
RH                                        2.Pick(S/F Part from STN-2)  5.Drop(S/F part picked from STN-2)        
Then after station 4 the object goes to UNLOAD STATION  by holding the finished part from station 4 and release it.
Note:RH gripper will now be empty during its travel to STN4
Processing times of the stations and Pick and Place times of the object:
1. Station 2 Processing time= 5s
2. Station 3 Processing time=5.23 s
3. Station 4 Processing time=1.1 s
Load Station Pick time- 2.3s
Station 2: Drop=2.3s
                Pick= 2.3s
Station 3: Drop=2.3s
                Pick= 2.3s
Station 4: Drop=2.3s
Unload Station= Drop: 2.3s