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I'm writing on forum because I don't know how do that.

My problem is in the printer house, I have two printers one of them 2 colors second 5 colors.

I would like to make schedule in my model:

  • Schedule should allocate a new orders for free printer (It should produce as many as possible)
  • Both printers should work at the same time
  • Orders in progress have priority
  •  It would be nice if schedule would set sequence for next orders.

Thanks you for any help Smiley Wink



Re: Schedule

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


typical scheduled tasks are sequence problems. Such problems are frequently considered as optimization problems. Such a sequence can be generated by the basic object Source.

All properties of an order are defined by the Source. You followed this idea. When an oder comes to the Stacja_rodzielająca (Distribution Station) then the needed printer is determined by the Exit strategy of this station.

Therefore, all orders must be known at the beginning of the simulation. Before the start of the simulation a sequence of given order must be determined. Plant Simulation has a tool for solving such optimizations tasks by Genetic algorithms (GA). Please look at an example which is given on the Start Page of Plant Simulation: Click Example Models and then on the link Small Examples. In the opened dialog select the category Tools, the topic Genetic algorithms and the example Introduction. The GAwizard find a sequence of the table delivery, which is used by the Source. The delivery table is very similar to your tables. The advantage of this table is that all data are contained in a single table. The sequence of this table is the order sequence, the solution of the scheduling problem.