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Sending MU to successor if condition met(priority)


There are 2 lines

LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_3 and LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_2. Both have different capacities.


Mus coming from LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_2 are given priority to exit at merging point so that assembly station is not blocked because of capacity of LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_2. That is if Mus are present on LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_2 and 10 sec of proc time is left at assembly station(i.e assembly  is going to be finished at Assembly station) then Mus of LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_2 will exit first and Mus of LINE_FILLED_HANGARS_3 will wait .


if more than 10sec of proc time is left on assembly station then Mus from both lines should pass 1 by 1 cyclic sequence(1:1)



How to simulate this 10sec condition for entry priority into COMMON_LINE?

This is part of a bigger model


Re: Sending MU to successor if condition met(priority)


the attribute TimeUntilEntranceOpen might work for you. you could check how much time remains each time an MU tries to exit a line. Or you could run a method at the start of each cycle (Entrance Control) on the SingleProc that waits the proctime-10 sec then sets an attribute that the MUs check before claiming prority. Obviously reset the attribute on the entry of the next load.