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Sensor selection


Hi community, I have a doubt about a scenario where I am using some sensors on a Railroad.


Lets say I have a road where I am using some sensors attached to a buffear each one, Then I want to move the cars along the road and while they move and get to a sensor, I want to "ask" if the sensor is the one I am looking for; For instance, lets say I need to get to the 4th buffer to unload it (by recieving the load on my car) but I want to know if the sensor I am at is the right one. So I was thinking about something like what you can see on the picture attached.


What is the property I should be looking for to know the sensor ID?


I hope I have made myself clear.


Re: Sensor selection

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Jerogaro,


As soon as the sensor calls control method, it passes the sensor id as optional argument. You can use this pass value as the sensor id which you are looking for. The attachment will be much more clear.


Best regards!


Tao Yifei