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Sensors on attribute explorer

Hi all. I am trying to add the position of the sensors of a track in the attribute explorer, but I can´t find the way. In the example uploaded there are a couple attributes from the track in the attribute explorer.

I realized that the path to the position of a sensor is .Models.Frame.Track.SensorID(1).Position but i cannot find the way to put this value in the attribute explorer, I cannot select the sensor in the object list of the attribute explorer. Any suggestion?


Re: Sensors on attribute explorer

Add only "SensorID(1).Position" as New attribute.

Re: Sensors on attribute explorer

But there is no way to select such attribute cause first you should select the sensor as object and then the available attributes appear in a list regarding the object selected. The problem is that the sensor cannot be selected as an object, just the track.

Re: Sensors on attribute explorer

Yeah... Select "Track" in objects Tab and in the attributes tab mention "SensorID(1).Position"for name of the attribute