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Sequence Optimisation


Hello Everyone,


I have prepared a model factory and performed sequence optimisation and buffer optimisation using GA Wizard. Further, I want to perform sequence optimisation considering various factors such as throughput time, failure rate,blocking time and so on. Can you kindly let me know how and from where can I learn to develop "Methods" for this type of optimisation problem ? Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.


Cheers !


Re: Sequence Optimisation

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Siemens Phenom



in case that you need help concerning tasks such as sequence optimization or want to have a look into the working mechanisms of the GA Wizard, you can take a look into the "Example Collection" of Plant Simulation. There you will find in "Small Examples" many example models demonstrating various scenarios, in which the GA wizard can be used. By typing "GA Wizard" or similar terms into the search field, several models are shown that depict scenarios where using the GA Wizard is a good choice.

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