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Sequence control required during a particular shift

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How  can I adjust the flow control in such a way that it works and provides cyclic sequence strategy(2:1) during shift 1 that is when both the sub lines are working but it stops working and allows all MUs to flow during shift 2 when 1 of the sub lines is not working. The proc time of both the sub lines is different so all MUs are not available at all times during shift 1 too.



Accepted by topic author aagosh
‎12-27-2016 01:37 PM

Re: Sequence control required during a particular shift

Hello Aagosh,

I tried to solve your problem. Please look at the attached model for Plant Simulation 12.0. I used an EntrySelectionMethod, because I believe that no Entry Behavior fits to your problem. The idea based on a variable object of type integer which counts the parts. When the variable has a certain remainder at the division by 3 then I use the first or the second predecessor of the InspectionLine.

Of course, this depends on the pause state of the AssyLine1 and AssyLine2.





Re: Sequence control required during a particular shift

Dear Peter


Thanks for the solution, it works perfectly

I while trying today came across an easier solution to this too...see attached model.


I think it will suffice too