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Set a failure profile


Hi! I am new in the forum.


I currently creating a model for a production line. I would like to know How can I set a specific failure profile for several machines using a method?

I mean: I have several operations and each of them have a different failure behavior. I have read it is possible create a table with all profiles, but I need that each profile applies for each machine when the simulation starts.


OP20       Uniform

OP30       Lognormal

OP40       Gamma




Excuse me if my english is not very good


Thanks in advance







Re: Set a failure profile

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Siemens Phenom



Please see attached model.

You just define necessary parameters in the table and then it's set automatically when you reset your model (in Reset method). In the table you should fill column #0 with objects and other columns with parameters.


Please note that if you want to change probability distribution type, you should define failures in terms of "Interval - Duration". If you use "Availability - MTTR", Plant Simulation calculates parameters and set distributions for you - you can note the change in grey fields in the dialog.

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: Set a failure profile


Hi Vladimir!


Thank you so much for your help, It works!


I have another doubt about it


In this case that we are using failures for the machines, what is better?

Set a failure related to:


Simulation time,
Operating time or
Processing time


I had never worked with simulation, but In my case, I'm developing a simulation model for a production line, the failures of the machines are very random, because there are many unplanned downtimes due to bad maintenance.


In your opinion, what should I do for simulate a more real behaviour of the machines failures?


Regards Charly