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Setting the destination of transporters


Hi Forum.


I'm working with Transporters moving on a track which has many sensors (representing stations).

Depending on varying conditions, I will set priorities and so  attend some stations (sensors) with higher priority than others. But since most of my sensors are on a single track line (see attached picture), I may want to set as my destination a certain sensor which may NOT be the first, second, third, etc. So, how do I get to set a certain destination (the requirement for a car to arrive at a certain stop/sensor).


What do you recomend?
for instance, creating an attribute ".destination" to my "@" and how could I do it?



PS: I want to set the destination in order to go from the initial spot, to a certain sensor, then maybe attend another sensor, then return to the initial spot (which is also the final spot). So, I need to keep changing the destination once I get to the sensor I was originally going to.




Re: Setting the destination of transporters

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Hi Jerogaro,


Is the priority of stations changes while the tramsporter is moving on the track or it is defined before it starts from the initial position?


I think,as you mentioned, you can create a custom defined attribute on the transporter(like destination) and change it based on the priority.The movement of the transporter can be manipulate using "stopped" and "backwards command".And also you will have to track the stations based on priorities on to a table file( a table file with one column wherein stations will be listed on rows based on priorities)




Re: Setting the destination of transporters

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you don't need to create an attribute destination for the MUs, it is already included by default.

You can connect your sensor with your station. Select in the sensor: Activate - Only when destination.

Set the machine as destination of the sensor.


Now set @.destination to your machine and all the other sensors will be ignored.


Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist