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Simulation crashes at moving MUs


Hello guys,


for a studentproject i want to portray a manual order picking system with racks and a worker.









The worker walks to the needed racks and collect several items (this works). If he has collected all needed items he walks to the workstation "AP_x" and should deposit all items to the buffer. The associated method for this case is titled "M_Auftragsabgabe". But if the simulation jumps in the method the attached Error-Message appears and the programm closes itself. If i open the project again and want to reset the process another Error-Message appears wich says that i didn't set up a "MU-Target" for the last picked up MU (in german "BEZiel"). But i don't understand why this second message appears if i haven't set up the method of carring MUs at the racks/storages.











So my question is how can i fix my project? Or do you guys think my whole approach for the order picking process with a worker is wrong? I tried to comment my whole method-codes but in german. So if you need a translation or a short summary of each method just tell me.


Kind regards and thanks in advance




Note: not all wanted functions are included. This is just a test for the main procedure of collecting and deposit.