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Simulation stops


I'm a new Plant Simulation's user. I use the student version of the program. I would like to send you my project because I have a problem. When I run the simulation if I add failures to the lines the simulation stops in a few days and I noticed a strange thing if I open the debugger in the EventController. Since I'm a self-taught could you help me?

Thank you very much.



Re: Simulation stops

where did you add failures in the model ?

Re: Simulation stops

Ops sorry,in the simulation I sent I didn't activate the four failures related to the four grey lines (linea3_BF, linea2_BF, linea3_AF, linea2_AF).

They are the failures with 99.24% of availability.

Re: Simulation stops

a first rough look

It seems to have something to do with the MUdistance type you set in Linea3_AF which seems to
cause a sort of self modelled deadlock.

IF you switch to another mudistance type the Simulation will keep on running

Please have a close look at the description /behaviour of the MU distance type in the help file

Re: Simulation stops

First of all thank you very much for your help. I tried to change the MU distance in Linea3_AF instead of changing the MU distance type, it seems the simulation works but after a few days the Linea3_BF has the same deadlock. So I changed also the MU distance of this line and the simulation works again without deadlocks. This problem is very strange because the other lines have the same MU distance type and value as I set at the beginning and they haven't any problem. Is it possible that this problem is linked to the fullstop instead of the comma (for example 7.5 instead of 7,5)? Because in my simulation I would like to set "minimum pitch= 7,5".

Re: Simulation stops

I tried to increase the minimum pitch value and the simulation stops earlier. Instead if I decrease the minimum pitch value the simulation doesn't stop anymore. What I have to do to solve the situation keeping the right minimum pitch values? ( Linea3_AF= 7,5 m; Linea3_BF=5,6 m)