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Source set up

Hello everybody. 

I want to make a source, that will produce 33 000 pcs, after that will stop for 1h and 20 min (for changing the coil of material). It will repeat this at every produced 33 000 pcs. I know it is something easy, but i can not find the solution. 


Thank you in advance for the help!



Re: Source set up


It is probably easier to place a singleproc object after the source object


There you can set a setup


Have a look at setup time ( time tab)


and setup (setup tab)

Re: Source set up

Thank you very much for the answer. I was thinking to do it that way, but i was curious if there is another way to set the sorce. I think the only way is a long programming of the source.... I guess i will use the easiest solution. 

Re: Source set up

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You could also set MU Selection to Sequence Cyclical, and specify the batch-size in the required table (hint: dropping a tablefile onto the Source will do the formatting for you). Also check the Generate as batch option. Set Interval to the time you want.

Gert Nomden
Digital Factory Consultant