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Speed Control on Lines

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Valued Contributor



I've been reading the help documents and doing some testing on this, but I have yet been able to figure out exactly what the speed control on the line objects does.


Can someone please explain what exactly the function of the speed control is on a line object. I'd also appreciate some information on how it works for tracks and 2lane tracks. Finally, I keep seeing mention of the line/loading space in a transporter, can you explain that as well if you haven't already in the answers for my first two questions. Examples would be great also!


Thank you for any information you can give!


Re: Speed Control on Lines

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



Line object has a checkmark called "Acceleration". By default line reaches a defined speed immediately, however if you set speed=10 m/s and acceleration=1m/s^2, then line will increase the speed gragually after MU enter it and reach 10 m/s in 10 seconds. In this moment a speed control is called. So speed control is called when line reaches a defined (maximum) speed.


The similar behavior is used for tracks except that Track itself does not have speed. Instead you can define speed (and acceleration) for Transporter objects. So it's possible to have several Transporters each with it's own speed on the same Track.


Loading space on transporter can be organized in different manner. It could be just a mattrix of X by Y cells. Or it can be organized as line or track. This way you can build an object like portal crane where hook moves along the trolley which moves along the portal which moves along the (stationalry) rail.

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: Speed Control on Lines

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Valued Contributor

Awesome! Thank you. This is mostly what I was thinking origionally, but through my testing and reading I couldn't really find anything to support that and was starting to have doubts.


Not really sure what happened with my testing, but either way, thank you for explaining it for me!