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Statistics report (Chart)


I have a main frame in which I have a "station" which contains many proccesses inside

(I dropped a subFrame in the main Frame so the 2-D Layer appears to have

only a machine when really it does many subproccesses inside the subFrame)


What do I need to do to Show a condensed variable of some of the items of the subfunction (see image attached) on the Chart tool (statistics report) and not every process individually.


Re: Statistics report (Chart)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Jerogaro,

select multiple objects and drag & drop onto a newly inserted Chart object. Plant Simulation asks you for the Statistic Type. Select Resource Statistic. You get a chart with stacked columns.

Another way to generate a statistic is to select multiple objects and click the right mouse button and select Show Statistics Report.

There is a third possibility:  Prepare a frame, how it is described in the Example Collection and drag & drop this frame onto a Chart object. Please look at Catagory Information Flow > Tipic: Statistics of a Frame. You can try multiple different evaluations.