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Re: Step/Maintenance work on Workstation (SingleProc)


I know this setup, it happens before the process time.

Our setup (real world) shall happen every x hours of process time on the station.


I cannot set it as the importer part is disabled/greyed out.

The failure allows me to setup the first start time, any further start time and duration.



Re: Step/Maintenance work on Workstation (SingleProc)


If I remember well, your question was :


What is the correct way to implement service/maintenance in the plant simulation ?


The correct way to define set-up in Plant Simulation is to use the set-up features provided


by Plant Simulation.


The Set-up ( in real world) usually depends on the number of produced parts during production


time not solely on a  predefined maintenance period.


E.g. welded spots in Body in White production.


From the cycletime ( per part) and your time until setup , you can calculate the part count


input parameter for Set-up in  Plant Simulation.


Switch off common resources and you can set the the set-up importer( s.b.)


In any case if you want to use the fixed set-up periods you can always


use the "failure" solution.


















Re: Step/Maintenance work on Workstation (SingleProc)


I guess I will try it out and use the setup after number of parts. I can calculate this using the known process time.