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Stopping the full cycle time of a processed part through a production line

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, dear community, engineers, and experimenters,


I am looking for an efficient and straightforward way how to count time on an MU from the first entry of the production line until being sent to the output storage (Ausgangslager).
I thought about an user-defined Attribute and maybe using a sensor;
but currently all MUs are moved via method, not transportation path, so I am not sure how to place the sensor;
OR how to write this in a method in the exit strategy of the source and the entry strategy of the output storage to call this timer and to stop it again (and return the value on a list).


thank you very much for your hints!



Re: Stopping the full cycle time of a processed part through a production line


I had a similar requirement last week. You can define user-defined attributes of data type 'time' in the main MU class. 

(maybe name them IN_time and OUT_time) 


Assign the value to these attributes in entry or exit controls as you already understand.

You can do something like the following...


At the first entry into the production:

@.IN_time := root.EventController.SimTime

At the exit towards output storage:

@.OUT_time := root.EventController.SimTime

Once you have these values, you can record them in a table.


The difference between the OUT_time and the IN_time will be the total time that the part spent in the production area.



To add it to a table, create a table in the frame(myTable) and add rows for each MU.

myTable.appendRow(@.Name, @.IN_time, @.OUT_time, (@.OUT_time - @.IN_time))

Hope this helps.