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Student License, no Experiment Manager!?



i recently downloaded a Student License of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 13.


For one of my tasks I need the Experiment Manager which is nowhere to be found. I know it should be in the Toolbox > Tools > Experiment Manager but there are only some other tools.


Therefore I checked the Help File. It says, that the Experiment Manager is available for the Student License but not the Standard License. So I reviewed my License Type. I have a Student License.


Now my Question: Where is my Experiment Manager or Why does my Version of Plant Simulation not support the Experiment Manager?


Thank you for your help.



Accepted by topic author maxw4310
‎01-20-2017 07:01 AM

Re: Student License, no Experiment Manager!?

If you open the Library Manager ("Manage Class Library") for your model and then switch to the tab "Libraries", you find the ExperimentManager under "Tools". Check the entry, press Apply or OK and then you have an ExperimentManager in your model.

Re: Student License, no Experiment Manager!?

Didn't find that in the help file.


It worked. Thanks a lot!