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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 12.2 released!

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Siemens Legend

Dear Plant Simulation Community,

today I have good news for early access adopters:

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Version 12.2 is now available on the Siemens GTAC download server ( Please select the product filter Tecnomatix Products for navigating to the Plant Simulation downloads. Plant Simulation 12.2 can be used with version 12.0 licenses and you need a Webkey account for accessing the download area.

As major milestone this version includes a converter that translates SimTalk 1.0 code to the simplified and modern SimTalk 2.0 syntax.

The fluid processing object DePortioner has been added, introducing a standard for converting the content of discrete MUs into a fluid. For modelling in 3D many ease-of-use enhancements have been added: improved object scaling, enhanced workflow for camera path definition, redesign of corner point definition for line, track and fluid pipe objects. In addition vertical curves are now available for these objects as well.

The interactive segment manipulation (e.g. length change) for length-oriented objects repositiones the remaining segments consistently and keeps their curve constraints, a huge improvement for interactive 3D model creation.

It would be great if you take a look at Plant Simulation 12.2, start using it and give some feedback or hints for further improvements.


Have fun in experiencing the progress and continuous development in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation!

Best regards

           Georg Piepenbrock, Product Manager