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Tecnomatix Plant simulation setting


Hi, I'm very new to Tecnomatix plant simulation and I'm using it to work on my Final year project. I have a few inquiries on the some of the software settings.


1. Process Exit setting:

Is it possible to carry the part in a batch (eg. 25parts) instead of after a single part is complete and it straight away carries the part away? If yes, how do I set the exit setting?

Actual Situation: Operator process the parts by batches that is stored in a box (24 parts per box) and  carries the box to the next process


2. Process time setting

For the normal distribution setting, I intend to receive an error (shown in the image) when I set the lower and upper limit of the time. I'm actually unsure and unclear of what is the input setting.

Capture2.PNGCurrently, I'm using the upper limit as the maximum time that the process may take and lower limit as the shortest time that the process may take. and form the "MU,Sigma", I have no idea what is the input value I should be indicating. How do I set the process timing via using normal distribution setting?

Actual Situation: most of the operation is by manual, therefore I have a record of 25 sample size timing.


I do hope to get help from someone as I have been stuck at troubleshooting the setting with limited resource of a solution. Thank you.


Re: Tecnomatix Plant simulation setting


Sorry, I missed out another inquiry.


3. For the Tecnomatix plant simulation features, I read that it is able to generate the value stream mapping (VSM) of the production line. How do I generate the VSM result from the software itself?


Thank you. Hope to hear a reply soon.

Re: Tecnomatix Plant simulation setting

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Sri,


1. You can consider loading your parts unto a container via e.g. an assembly station until there are 25 parts on one container and then have a worker carry it away.


2. For a normal distribution you would also need to know the values of MU and Sigma. Given the case that you don`t know the distribution parameters for your samples, you can use the "Data Fit" tool to find that out and also test which distribution would fit your samples the best.


3. Yes, it is also possible to create a value stream mapping of your production line by using the VSM library in Plant Simulation.


I hope this helps you to get started with Plant Simulation and your final year project, if you have any further questions feel free to ask them here.

Kind regards,

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