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Tell worker to complete tasks in specific order


Hello all,


I have the following question:
In my model I have an unload station at which MUs are arriving from the source. I have two workers that should behave like this: Get one MU from the source, take it to the inspection station, inspect the MU and then take it to either Scrap station or OK station. Moreover Inspector1 can only work at the station Inspection1 and Inspector2 can only work at the station Inspection2.


The problem that I have is to assign to the Inspectors that the they first get a part, then inspect it and then take away the part, before getting a new part from the unload. At the moment it is kind of random which assignment they will do next. Is there any way to tell the workers or the broker that they have to complete the tasks in this specific order?


To lower the frequency with that the MUs are arriving at the unload cannot be the solution, because I want to keep the frequency and amount of parts flexible and independent from the programming of the workers. And also later in the complete model other workers use the unload station, so I dont want to change this station.


I attached the model and a screenshot.
Thank you very much in advance!


Re: Tell worker to complete tasks in specific order


Sorry, I forgot one control in the model. I attached the actual version.

Re: Tell worker to complete tasks in specific order

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Solution Partner Creator

I believe, that if you activate Unload station's carry part away -importer setting "Interruptible", and add priority to the inspection task's importer and its carry part away importer, it should work. Add higher priority always to latter phase to ensure MU's closer to the drain are taken care of first.


One problem though - I tried this with your model and it crashes Plant Sim Smiley Happy I tried it myself with a simple demo and it works, see the attachment. Sorry I can't help with why it crashes your model.

Re: Tell worker to complete tasks in specific order

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Siemens Phenom



for me it worked to set a global variable called "PartsOut" in your model that would count how many MUs are being processed at the moment. This variable is increased by one if a part is collected by your worker and decreased by one as your worker drops off the part at the last station. Incoming parts are only collected if the value of this variable is lower than two. So your worker would only go ahead and collect a new MU as soon as he is done with the previous one he picked up. Attached is your model where I implemented that behavior.

Kind regards,

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Re: Tell worker to complete tasks in specific order


Thank you very much for your answers. Both solutions are working just fine! I prefered to implement the solution with priorities though, because later on I will change the unload station so I didnt want to use the exitCTRL of it.
The model also crashed for me, however, I had unchecked the box "worker stays here after completing the job" of the unload station's workplace, well, if I checked it again the error disappeared - don't ask me why! Haha.
Anyway, the program is working now, thank you for your help!