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Thanks for everyone,especially who help me !




Here,I will say "thanks" to this forums and members here.

I have been here for 2 months since i registered. I encountered a lot of problems when i learned how to analog  "production line" ,even the modes is simple . Then i posted them on the forum ,many experts (including Steffen B., Ralph Bauknecht, PeterKomarek,Simulator,GG, RalfTobel,MichaelJoos, ERIE, JamesM, Sequencing, GuidoDamm,etc.) give me great help, the feedbacks are quick ,valueable and effective .


Now I can create a little complex plant simulation models.However,I realize that I’m not good at program, how to program and call a method to control the objects to reach its functions is very critical. So there is a long way to go for me to study PS .

Here, I give my best regards to you!