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Time is not running in Plant Simulation


Dear Community,


I am using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 13.

My problem is, that the time is not running in my model. If I click the start button in the EventController, then the entitys start to move throuought the model. But time ist not running in the EventCrontroller and no actions linked to time are executed. For example, a source is supposed to produce on entity per minute. The first entity gets produced, but after that, nothing happens. No more entitys are being produced, time simply stays at zero.

I have absolutely no idea, what to do about this.


Thank you for your help!



Re: Time is not running in Plant Simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Some simple explanations for this behaviour could be:

  • There is a loop of connected stations in which all stations over which the entities move have a processing time of 0 (in this case, your simular actually keeps running but the event controller will infinitely long be processing events that do not push the simulation time forward).
  • The exact opposite: Some entities are not removed from the simulation by e.g. a Drain, blocking the simulation at stations on which the unexitable entities reside, those cause a blockage on the stations that deliver them and so on. In that case, your simulation time froze because the simulation itself has long stopped.

There certainly are many more possible explanations but these two are the simplest that came to my mind.

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