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Dear Commuters


I am a new user of technomatix and I use the software with an academic license which is available once I logged in my university's network.

Recently, I tried to open the software by using a VPN to access my university's network, and I had a problem with the software because I couldn't find anywhere the toolbox bar.

Has anyone ever encountered the same problem?

Is it an issue with the license? 

Have you found any solution for this?


Thank you in advance



Re: Toolbox Bar

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello SimStudent,

If the Toolbox window is closed, you can reopen it on the Windows ribbon with the 'Toolbox' button.

Another possibility is that you turned on 'Auto Hide'. Check for the word 'Toolbox' and hover over it with your mouse. Then the window should appear and you can pin it again using the pin icon on the right.


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Re: Toolbox Bar


Hi Ralph


I just type the word "Toolbox" in the search function box and automatically appeared in below my basic menu bar.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Problem Solved!!!!