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Transfer Zone for Transporter Exchange


Hi Everybody.

i have an issue and i dont know how to solve it.

i will try to explain it. i have two shops, the transporters in each one has differnt speed. for example at N-shop the speed is 0,83m/s and at the M-Shop the speed is 1.66 m/s.

i have three fixed routes that travel between N-shop and M-shop. (Route 5, Route 10, Route 11).

the transporter of route 5 ,for example, must hook 5 wagon or trollys to load them at N-shop, and when it reaches to the Transfer-Zone, it must pass these same wagons to the transporter of the M-shop (that has another speed) to unlaod them at M-Shop. once the route is completed at M-shop, the tranporter go back to the Transfer-Zone to pass the empty wagon to the tranporter of Route 5 to load them again and so on.

if the transporter reach to the transfer zone in the side of N-Shop and the correspondent transporter of the other side at M-Zone has not reach yet, so it must wait until it comes to do the exchange of the wagons.

i know that i still have to do a lot of changes in my simulation ,but the first step that i wanto to do is that when a transporter (Ruta5) reaches to the Transfer-Zone make that the corresponding Transporter at M-Zone (RutaM5) star its route.

i dont know if i explain well what i want to do..

thanx everybody.


Re: Transfer Zone for Transporter Exchange

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Abumehsen,


You are describing a complex routing of Transporters. Based on the description you can delelop sensor controls. For instance, you can change the speed by an instruction

@.speed := 0.83;

in such a control. To model an unload station you can use instructions like the following:

wait 60;
@.destination:= Buffer;
@.stopped:= false;




Re: Transfer Zone for Transporter Exchange


Thank you very much Peter.

the change of the speed is very useful in my case. i have done and ot works well. i attach another example more simpe of what i want to do.

in Option 2 i have changed the speed and it goes well, but what i really wanto to do is in option 1, but till now i didn't know how..Smiley Sad

what i have to simulate is that the AGV on track must take 5 wagons and when it reaches the end of the line it must wait the transporter1 (if transporter1 doesn't reach yet) to pass the full wagons of AGV on track to the Transporter1 on track1 and the empty wagons of Transporter1 must pass to the AGV to load it at track.


to start doing that i have divide the work in steps. the first one i must find the way of  how AGV can trigger the Transporter1 when it reaches the end of track and viceversa how Transporter1 can trigger AGV.

thak you very much for the help