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Transfer station will not let MU's pass

Hi All


I have a line with Entitys on it. I want to take one Entity form the line and process it in a SingleProc, when the Entity is done I want to put it back to the line, when there is space.


While I am processing one part the rest of the Entity should continue on the line (to the next station) so it can be procesed on an other station.


I have tryed to use a TransferStation but how do I avoid that it is blocking all the rest Entitys on the line. I have set the station type to "Move" and under Advanced Attributes the check box "Always stop container" is greyed out.


If you have an other idea to solv the problem let me know to.



Kind Regrads


Re: Transfer station will not let MU's pass

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



you can use a sensor control to put the entity onto the station:


Just write something like the following into your sensor control:

	if SingleProc.cont = void then


So create a sensor for each station and then use the TransferStation to put the entity back onto the line.





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Re: Transfer station will not let MU's pass

Hi Ralf

Thanks for tha fast answer.


It worked like a charm.