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Transporter Distance Control Crash



when I use this code in a distance control for a transporter Mu then Plant Sim crashes




(distanceIsBelowLimit : boolean)
    -- Pause if the transporter are in the parking area
    if distanceIsBelowLimit and
       ?.location.~.Name = "ForkliftParking" then
        -- set pause
        ?.pause := true;
        -- reset pause
        ?.pause := false;




I think it is because i use the code in combination with a FlowControl object that are connected with a source.


But the iretating part are that Plant crashes, and when it startsup from the recovery file it keeps crashing and I there for loss the model until last saved. See error meessage in the attached file.




Re: Transporter Distance Control Crash

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



you are right. There was a crash when using distance control and FlowControl object. This bug already is fixed (12.0.3). Please use the newest version.


For the problem when loading the recovery file please load the model or contact GTAC.


Kind regards


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Re: Transporter Distance Control Crash

Thanks! That did the trick.