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Transporter or Worker for Robot ?

Hello All,


I have a situation where I need to simulate robots that works with the Machines. Generally the flow is complex in my model. I am using Transporter to model the robot but at the same time I feel the worker and its attribite might be a better fit for simulation a robot. but almost all the examples i have seen people using transporter and no worker . Does anyone have any experience with this. What could be a better tools to model robots?


Re: Transporter or Worker for Robot ?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


the use of workers for the transport is explained in the collection of Small Examples, which can be opened via the Start Page of Plant Simulation: Example Models

Category: Resources, Topic: Worker, Example: Carry multiple parts.



Re: Transporter or Worker for Robot ?


There are several ways to accomplish this issue.


1. in the areas of Body in White ( car manufacturing) the handling robot mostly  is

   part of one station. That means the robot is not modelled at all.


The parts leave the station at a certain cycle time which includes the robot handling time to the next station.


This level of detail is sufficient to simulate the line performance in the requested accuracy.


Further you need less time for detailing the model and setting addition parameters.


2. if you need to model a certain robot handling activity then you can choose between 

- Worker ( mentioned by you)

- transporter ( mentioned by you)

- pick and place robot ( this object is designed for part handling)

- Cross Sliding Car (C S C,  s. tools)


I suppose the P&P robot and worker are the easiest to be used

if we are talking about simple handling ( e.g. picking up -  and dumping part)

followed by  C S C


The transporter needs a bit more (man.) modelling / parameter setting  ( e.g. to load / unload part and moving  back after dumping part)








Re: Transporter or Worker for Robot ?

Hello Phenom,

Thanks for your answer. I also feel that using worker might be easier than Transporter.

I would like to ask that you said that Worker is suitable in simple handling.

I was wondering that if the handling is very complex then does using workers creates issue?

I have a very complex kind of handling where single robot handles multiple machine in a very random way?

Re: Transporter or Worker for Robot ?


with "simple" handling i ment picking part , transfering and then dropping the part at the

defined destination.


This is easy with woker , as you just have to define the target. all other processing is


done by the system.


It is hard to exactly evaluate, what you mean by very complex handling, as you didin't post any details.


If you have to take over control over the handling robot, to avoid deadlocks, I've experienced , that


using the pick & place robot with pull control faciliates modeling.



Re: Transporter or Worker for Robot ?

Thanks Phenom for the Input. I think I understood the point.