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Tugger Train




I am completely new to Plant Simulation and i have a complex task to solve.


I want to simulate the material distribution from a central Warehouse to different working places. Therefore I want to use a Tugger train. It should start whenever the its capacity is full with material or when a timespan of 20 minutes of waiting is reached.

Each Material has to be distributed to the correct working place when the "worker" asks for new material.


That means that i will have to model the ware house, where the materials have to be commissioned and also the transport.


Is this task too complex to start in plant simulation, or do you have any tips for me?


Thank you. Kind regards


Re: Tugger Train


Hi Basti,


if you are completely new in PlantSim, I recommend you to start with simple examples and have a look at the examples given with the TX package.

There is an example about tugger trains and also warehouse.


You can also refer to the document setup by Stefan Bangsow.


Good luck and have fun