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Turn Table Issue in 3D

Hi everyone, 


I have a problem with the turnTable in 3D

It doesn't come back to the original position before loading a new piece.


It's ok on the 2D view, but not on the 3D one.


I hope you will see this pb using the attached project.



Accepted by topic author ocsim56
‎02-02-2017 07:39 AM

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

Hello ocsim56,


this is a bug that managed to enter Plant Simulation version 13.1. The bug will be fixed in the next maintenance pack.

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

Thank you Peter.

I didn't notice this problem in the version 13.0. There is anyway to open the model with the 13.0 version ?

Thank you very much.

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

No, sorry. The model format evolves every version with new features that are added so that Plant Simulation only can load models from earlier versions (and of its own version, of course) but not from newer ones. Maintenance packs are another story - here, the model format remains compatible - but once a model has been saved with a particular Plant Simulation version, it is that version or a newer one.

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

Hello everyone,

Waiting for the next update.
There is anyway to modelise a turntable thanks to the line.
How can we make the line turn around the center ?
Thank you very much

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

I am not entirely certain what you mean. I assume that you want to emulate a Turntable using a Line. Animation-wise, you do that.

But personally, I would not do it. A Turntable does a bit more than just rotate for animation purposes.

Additionally, the next maintenance pack will fix the animation issue and, if the matter is urgent, I am sure that you can get a hotfix before that.


What I assume you are asking for, is a self animation.

As for virtually every object that you can insert in a frame, you can create and play a self animation, e.g.:


Line._3D.SelfAnimations.resetAnimation -- cleanup previously planned animations

Line._3D.SelfAnimations.scheduleRotation(0, 180, 30) -- rotate from 0° to 180° with 30°/s

Line._3D.SelfAnimations.playAnimation -- start the scheduled animation(s)


The rotation will be done along the axis and around the center that you have defined on the "Self Animation" tab.

Re: Turn Table Issue in 3D

Thank you very much Peter.

I found a solution yesterday using a Line and thanks to the method Rotate(X,Y) and ObjectAngle.

Your solution looks very interesting. Thank you very much